Don’t Be A Workout Tart (and other resolutions)

Hello again and Happy New Year to you all! It’s been a while since I last posted but I wanted to wait just a few more days, until most of the New Year craziness was out of the way and people were glad to be getting back into the normal swing of life.

I, like I would imagine most of you at the turn of the year, had been pondering what I might do differently this year. What might I try to improve on that I did not master last year? How might I still further improve my health and fitness levels to a point where I am happy with the things I am doing and the results I am achieving?

I want to use this post to put down my personal health & fitness resolutions. These are the things that I want to work on for myself this year, and for the future beyond that. So here they are:

  1. Don’t be a workout tart. Instead of falling in love with every new programme that comes out and constantly swapping to the next big thing, never giving the current beau a fair chance, I want to stick with one workout programme for a few months and really see if I can get some good results from it. I don’t want to allow myself to be swayed by what other people are doing or what the latest hot-off-the-press programme is.
  2. Choose healthy alternatives to fulfil any cravings. For example, if I’m craving chocolate, just have 1-2 squares of very dark chocolate or make a cup of hot cocoa. If I want something salty or savoury, have a lightly salted rice cake with a little cottage cheese or nut butter. And so on. I need to make sure I always have alternatives to hand because if I’m not prepared I may choose the not so good option. You make ask what the not so good options are doing in my house anyway… well they’re largely not but it’s not just me who lives here you know 😉 Maybe I just need to work on my willpower 😉
  3. Nutrition over everything. I still truly believe that the nutrition you put into your body reflects on everything else about you, your mind, body, skin, hair, mood, attitude, energy, immunity and overall health. So this one is not so much a resolution but more of a reminder to myself to always try to put good quality, nutritious food into my body, in order to get the most back from it, in terms of continued good health both now and in the future.


I want to expand on number one as this is quite a big deal for me. As some of you may know I’ve had to give up heavy weight training due to my trigger finger – when I grip dumbbells for too long, my middle finger on my left hand invariably locks & clicks the next day and for a few days after, which is no fun. I’ve already had one cortisone injection that worked for about 3 months and I could have another, but after 3 injections I know the only option is surgery, which I would like to avoid if at all possible! So I’ve had to look for a workout that will still tone & shape my body but that doesn’t rely on dumbbells for the most part. And I think I’ve found it!!!

Terri WalshSo, in line with resolution number 1, I will aim to stick to my new workout-of-choice, which is in the main Terri Walsh’s A.R.T. Method, for at least 4 months, before I decide if I will continue, depending if I have some good results from it. I am truly hopeful that this method really will work out well for me, I’ve only done 5 workouts to date but when I do it I feel strong, powerful and like I have no end to my enthusiasm. I also feel my muscles on fire, which is also a good sign 😉  I’m not trying to create huge muscles, I just want to feel a little more toned around the middle and rear. The classes I’m doing are Terri’s Online Virtual Classes, filmed in her New York studio, so it’s like having a real instructor there but in your own home. For the exercises that use dumbbells I may be able to use wrist weights some of the time, and others I will just try not to ‘grip’ so tightly and see how I go. If you want to try A.R.T. for yourself you can click here and do her sample ‘Quicktone’ class, which will tone your buns & thighs. The classes I’ve signed up for are mostly around 50 minutes long and I will report back how this workout is going in a future post. I have taken starting measurements & weight so I have something to compare to later, to judge whether it is a success for me.

ToniqueTo compliment my A.R.T. workouts I will also do a Tonique workout once a week, twice at most, which I believe will enhance my endurance and also challenge my muscles in a different way, keep them guessing so to speak. Click here for a preview of the new Tonique Born To Move workouts that I will be doing.

This year I want to feel like I am dedicating the right amount of time and energy to both my workouts and to my love of all things nutrition-related. However, I don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time pouring over every new bit of information that comes out about these things, so I want to create that balance that will leave me fulfilled but not over-awed.

So that’s it for today, I just wanted to lay down my ground rules to myself and having them set out here means I will hopefully keep them in the forefront of my mind and will have a greater chance of success.

I hope you all thought about what you wanted to achieve this year too, and how you might change what you were doing last year into something better suited to you for 2013.

Stay healthy!