Nearing the book-publishing finish line!

As the title suggests, I’m getting to the last stages of my quest to publish my recipe book for healthy living, Easy Tasty Clean. It’s been a very long weekend here in the UK with a Bank Holiday and an extra day off work last Friday, and through all of it I’ve pushed and pushed to get the last few things on my list done and dusted. And I’m pleased to say… we’re on schedule for the release of the book this coming Saturday, September 1st!!!

So since the last post, I’ve been working on numerous parts of the project – firstly, I now have all the recipes in the book, cooked, photographed, written up, laid out and proof-read at least twice each. Secondly, I have created the bonus document to go with the book, which is a black & white, text-only version of the book called ‘Easy Tasty Clean – Just the Recipes‘, which will enable you to print out the various recipes and take them to the kitchen to make from, all the time saving your valuable colour printer ink. Both the e-Book and the bonus e-Book are in PDF format so you can view them on any computer or can transfer them onto your iPad (they’ll be visible through the iBooks app). With its backlighting, the iPad really does make the photographs in the book come to life and make things look even more delicious and mouth-watering too!

The last thing I managed to pretty much finish in this crazy-busy 4 day weekend was the website. So, if you click you can have a look around and see what you’ll actually be getting in the Easy Tasty Clean eBook. There’s even a full list of recipes on there so you will know exactly what types of dishes you could be making this time next week. Exciting hey! The ‘buy now’ buttons won’t be available until Saturday though 😉 so please be patient!!!

So, I guess I should get my countdown timer going, not long until launch now… less than 4 days and counting!!!!! Wow! Thanks for joining me for the ride… we’re almost there!!



And The Winner Is…

Ten days ago I asked for volunteers to test recipes from my new book, Easy Tasty Clean. You did not disappoint me and many applied for a recipe. I decided to send one out to everyone who applied in the end, after all, where else was I going to find a better opinion on my recipes than from the general public all across the world? So, 18 recipes went out, and I’m pleased to say I have had almost all of the reviews back so thank you to all for taking the time to cook and write up your experiences! The best part is that EVERYONE loved their recipe, all had excellent things to say about the page layouts, the photography, the nutritional information and the instructions. This is what I call a success!

And so now, I have the task of picking a winner out of the hat, to receive a free copy of the book on the day it is released. But, not having a random email picker, I decided to revert to a slightly lesser known method of letting the cat choose from a set of names printed on bits of paper…

and the one she picked up in her mouth and ran off with was…..

Well done to Jennifer B, you will receive an email on Saturday 1st September with a link to download your eBook!

And yes you all read that right, the book will be on sale from Saturday 1st September!!!

Next time I’ll tell you where you can get your hands on a copy and anything else you need to know! So ask away, what else DO you want to know??