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Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes – Make At Home And Get Twice As Many For Half The Cost!


Recently I have fallen in love with dark chocolate rice cakes . The brand in particular I have fallen for are these ones (in fact these are the only brand of chocolate rice cakes I have seen!):

Kallo Dark Choc Rice Cakes

I have been having 2 of these for my afternoon snack together with an apple and it’s just the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. What could be better than a fresh, crunchy apple accompanied by the delights of comforting, crispy rice cakes smothered in dark chocolate? I know! Nothing!!

BUT, I have to say that these little beauties are very expensive. Even when you buy them on BOGOHP (buy one get one half price), you still feel it in your purse. They are around £1.80 a packet and for that you only get 8 thin dark chocolate rice cakes. They don’t last long, as you can imagine.

Kallo Dark Choc Rice Cakes

So what is a girl to do when she longs after these rather expensive little items? Make her own of course (and make them cheaper)!