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A Successful Book Launch!

Is it really only one week since I flicked that cyber switch and release my e-Book Easy Tasty Clean to the world? It feels like a lot longer to be honest!

This first week began with a lovely flurry of buyers, eager to get their hands on the book, which had been much anticipated by Nancy Reinhardt’s coaching clients, my own fitness friends and many clean living fans too. The rest of the week didn’t disappoint either, with a steady flow of would-be clean-eaters ready to improve their eating habits and widen their repertoire of go-to recipes. So I thank everyone who has got themselves a copy of the book up to now, I appreciate you all!

I’ve had a great response from people reading the book too, comments such as these:-

“I love this book – thank you so much!! Already prepping for a grocery run so I can make several recipes the week.”

“I love it already! Had a quick peruse, beautifully presented, the recipes look amazing. There isn’t one I don’t want to try which impresses me sooo much. All are affordable too which makes clean eating so much easier and I love that you provide nutritional breakdown too.”

“I have just downloaded the book and the only thing that I can say is “WOW”!!!!  I expected it to be a very nice and useful book, but you have blown my expectations out of the water!  Nice job and congratulations on putting out such a fantastic book.”

So, I was very pleased to hear this type of reaction. And I should just add that none of the above were from family or friends 😉

The true test, however, is of course in the cooking. How would the recipes be received when they were actually made and eaten? Again I’ve had several great comments, these two both came in last night:-

“Made the Vanilla Protein Pancakes with Greek Yogurt & Fruit from the cookbook this morning, they were great! Even my girls liked them!! :)”

“I made the turkey meatloaf, but put it all in muffin tins….. It was awesome!!! Should have made the big meatloaf as its all gone!!”

The testimonial that I’m most proud of this week came from Sarah Laurie, who is an amazing girl who has transformed herself into a fitness goddess, she certainly knows all there is to know about clean eating and hitting the gym! I’ve put her full review at the bottom of the home page of the website so please go and have a look what she had to say, I still read it and smile. Thanks Sarah!

Easy Tasty Clean on Facebook

Join Easy Tasty Clean on Facebook

Last night I had a great message from Leigh, who says she has just planned out a whole week of meals based on the recipes in the book, and that she would be feeding her whole family of 7 the same! I told her I was honoured that she was using the book to fulfil the dietary requirements of herself and her family, and I am. This is exactly how I wanted to help people to cook delicious food that is also clean and very healthy. Go Leigh!

The last thing that I have done this week is get the Easy Tasty Clean Facebook ‘Like’ page up and running. On there I will share clean eating tips & recipe ideas, so please click on the big ‘f’ to the left there and click ‘Like’ on the page if you would like to keep up to date with me that way.

I wish you all a great up-coming week, keep it clean!



Launch Day Is Finally Here!

Easy Tasty Clean has finally been launched!!! I almost can’t believe it!  Almost 3 months ago I cooked my first dish for the book, which I had no idea would turn out as big as it has. 162 pages, 60 recipes, thousands of words and not 1 but 2 e-Books (for the price of one)!!! I think I should be proud of myself. Ok, I am. is live!!

Strangely, when I flicked the switch to make the ‘Buy Now’ buttons live this morning, I felt like I wanted to do it quietly, so no one noticed, just let it slip out into the ether of the worldwide web when no one was watching. Maybe it’s the knowledge that actual real living people with opinions and sometimes harsh words may get their copy and I’d be open to public opinion. I know I shouldn’t worry because I’ve had my little team of testers making the recipes, my close friends reviewing the words in the introductory chapters for me, and I know I’ve cooked and photographed every single one of the recipes myself, so I should have confidence that all is well.

Since you last saw the book, the cover has been enhanced slightly to include Nancy Reinhardt, who has kindly written a great foreword for the book and also shares her clean eating tips in the book too. Nancy is featuring the book on her own website too as she believes passionately that there is a need for a book like this, for people who want to create truly clean meals and who are working towards a goal of a fitter and leaner body. This is the new cover anyway, what do you think?

Lately I’ve also been investigating the possibility of getting the book printed as a full-colour book, just an idea at the moment but who knows, I could be sending out signed copies of those soon! Hee hee.

So, what’s next for the Easy Tasty Clean inventor? I don’t want to say too much but what I will say is that I couldn’t resist buying a couple of nice-looking dishes the other day, and they don’t feature in this book. That’s all.

Personally, I have received my September workout Challenge pack from Nancy Reinhardt this morning, so I will be giving it some welly in the gym later. And maybe now I have all this spare time on my hands, maybe I’ll have time for a little fun!!!

This is not the end of the blog now the book is out there on sale, I will be keeping you updated on how it’s going, so please stay with me if you can!


Nearing the book-publishing finish line!

As the title suggests, I’m getting to the last stages of my quest to publish my recipe book for healthy living, Easy Tasty Clean. It’s been a very long weekend here in the UK with a Bank Holiday and an extra day off work last Friday, and through all of it I’ve pushed and pushed to get the last few things on my list done and dusted. And I’m pleased to say… we’re on schedule for the release of the book this coming Saturday, September 1st!!!

So since the last post, I’ve been working on numerous parts of the project – firstly, I now have all the recipes in the book, cooked, photographed, written up, laid out and proof-read at least twice each. Secondly, I have created the bonus document to go with the book, which is a black & white, text-only version of the book called ‘Easy Tasty Clean – Just the Recipes‘, which will enable you to print out the various recipes and take them to the kitchen to make from, all the time saving your valuable colour printer ink. Both the e-Book and the bonus e-Book are in PDF format so you can view them on any computer or can transfer them onto your iPad (they’ll be visible through the iBooks app). With its backlighting, the iPad really does make the photographs in the book come to life and make things look even more delicious and mouth-watering too!

The last thing I managed to pretty much finish in this crazy-busy 4 day weekend was the website. So, if you click you can have a look around and see what you’ll actually be getting in the Easy Tasty Clean eBook. There’s even a full list of recipes on there so you will know exactly what types of dishes you could be making this time next week. Exciting hey! The ‘buy now’ buttons won’t be available until Saturday though 😉 so please be patient!!!

So, I guess I should get my countdown timer going, not long until launch now… less than 4 days and counting!!!!! Wow! Thanks for joining me for the ride… we’re almost there!!


And The Winner Is…

Ten days ago I asked for volunteers to test recipes from my new book, Easy Tasty Clean. You did not disappoint me and many applied for a recipe. I decided to send one out to everyone who applied in the end, after all, where else was I going to find a better opinion on my recipes than from the general public all across the world? So, 18 recipes went out, and I’m pleased to say I have had almost all of the reviews back so thank you to all for taking the time to cook and write up your experiences! The best part is that EVERYONE loved their recipe, all had excellent things to say about the page layouts, the photography, the nutritional information and the instructions. This is what I call a success!

And so now, I have the task of picking a winner out of the hat, to receive a free copy of the book on the day it is released. But, not having a random email picker, I decided to revert to a slightly lesser known method of letting the cat choose from a set of names printed on bits of paper…

and the one she picked up in her mouth and ran off with was…..

Well done to Jennifer B, you will receive an email on Saturday 1st September with a link to download your eBook!

And yes you all read that right, the book will be on sale from Saturday 1st September!!!

Next time I’ll tell you where you can get your hands on a copy and anything else you need to know! So ask away, what else DO you want to know??


Loving It!

Last night I came to a realisation… I have just made myself a cookbook that I absolutely LOVE! And I don’t mean that in the way it sounds – I’m not bragging about its beauty, its design or the sheer number of pages, recipes and photographs inside, I mean I love it because I now have a cookbook that I love ALL the recipes in, and it is already becoming my go-to place when deciding what to make for dinner.

Take last night, now that I have ALMOST finished cooking for the book, I got to do something rare – make whatever I wanted and NOT photograph it, and best of all NOT eat it luke warm! So I was like a child in a toyshop, flicking through all the great recipes, seeing which one took my fancy, and it turned out that Thai Style Prawns was my dish of choice! It’s quite a while since I cooked it for the book and back even then I remember running around the house declaring how amazing the taste was, so it was nice to be able to make it for myself again, and sit down and enjoy it HOT! And it didn’t disappoint. In fact I shall be having the same thing again tonight it was so good.

So you see, getting together this collection of clean-eating recipes has been not only something for others to enjoy, but for me to enjoy too! Love it.

Caribbean Style ChickenAnyway, on to what should have been the main topic today (sorry about the distraction above!), my testers have been testing my recipes out and have started to come back to me with reviews…  and the good news is… everyone has loved what they have made up to now! Here are some of my lovely testers’ thoughts on their selected recipes:

  • Tania M made my Caribbean Style Chicken and said, “just made your meal and OMG… amazingly delicious!!!!! I am not a very good cook at all but this turned out so good and looked like it was straight from a gourmet resteraunt!! This is definitely going in my binder of recipes to have again!!”
  • Nancy B tried the Vegetarian Curry and said, “it was quite delicious! I am a decent cook but get stuck in a rut and don’t try new recipes or use a lot of spice – probably why I have gotten a little bored with my clean eating :0) I LOVED all the flavor in the recipe!”
  • Nikki T sampled the Apple Spiced Breakfast Bake and said, “This was really easy to make and smelt and tasted great. I loved the look of the recipe, everything was set out well and easy on the eye. I will definitely be making this recipe again. I was really impressed with the layout, I work for a book publishers so was impressed with how professional it looked, many ebooks such as these can look quite basic. The photographs looked great, the food looked very appetising and immediately made you want to make it. It smelt gorgeous when I got it out of the oven, I loved the texture – it was just like bread pudding.”
  • Shannon M cooked the Frittata with Cottage Cheese and reported, “I loved it. It was absolutely delicious. It was so easy to make and I loved that it has such a high protein content because as a vegetarian those dishes are hard to find without consuming a ton of carbs along with it. It’s a very versatile dish as well, the fact that it can be whipped up in short order for any meal of the day means it’s going to become a staple for sure. The photographs are gorgeous and the food looks so yummy. I love the colors that you’ve chosen, the layout and the style. It looks fantastic. I love that I can see the actual dish while I am prepping my own, that’s great. Nutritional information was awesome, I could see what I was going to be consuming and there was no guilt whatsoever! The finished dish didn’t taste at all like “health-food” as you know some healthy recipes can be terribly bland. I also love that this dish can be breakfast, lunch or dinner!”
  • Sarah Z made the Vanilla Protein Pancakes and said, “I have to say this was one of ‘THE’ best protein pancakes I have tasted and I have tried a few. I find with some recipes they leave you with this rubbery, plastic tasting pancake but was quite surprised that these tasted so good and that the portion was quite big so it was a good breakfast that certainly didn’t leave me hungry. I found the instructions were clear and precise, I also liked for the nutritional breakdown. The other good thing I liked about the recipe is the nutritional content is very balanced and included a good fat with the coconut oil. The pie chart is an added bonus for the those people who like a pictorial sample of the nutritional breakdown, and also the added bonus of a picture of the final product. All in all I found this recipe easy to follow, very tasty and I will certainly be making it again.”

I have a few more reviews in but I don’t want to bombard you with them all right now, let’s just say I’m a very happy girl with what I’m hearing back from people. I’ve got lots of confidence that anyone buying the book will find plenty things they like that will hopefully become some of their favourite go-to clean-eating dishes. That’s all I wanted when I started this.

I am still waiting on a few reviews to come back, so anyone who hasn’t sent their review in, please try to get it to my by the end of Wednesday, as I will make the draw for the free book on Thursday out of all those who sent their reviews in. I will contact the winner by email before announcing the result on here next weekend. Get cooking!!!

Next time I also hope to nail down a release date for the book, I’m just waiting on a few important things happening (including me finishing the book, ha ha!) and then I can set that date!