Mug Cake. Pan Cake. Pancake. Is There A Difference?

This week a friend posted that they were making a Microwave Mug Cake, but another friend commented that they didn’t have a microwave, and asked if there was any way to make these in a pan instead. So I said I’d do a little experiment for her and see if would work.

And so the ‘Pan Cake’ idea was born. Say with me… Pan Cake. Not pancake (all one word) but Pan Cake. Cake in a pan, different you see…

Or is it?

When you look at the recipe below you might think, umm, that’s a pancake recipe. And you’d actually be right. It could be used as the mixture to add to a large frying pan and make lovely light & fluffy pancakes. And delicious they would be too. But I wanted to make Pan Cake. Cake in a pan.

What I realised when I was thinking over this little challenge was that in fact most ‘microwave mug cake’ recipes do indeed have very similar ingredients to a healthy pancake recipe. There always seems to be an egg involved, some sort of floury stuff, a little oil and often in many of the recipe I find myself drawn towards, some protein powder (for us health & fitness nuts!).

So would the microwave mug cake recipe indeed work when cooked in a pan? I thought I better make two lots of identical mixture, then try it both ways.

Here are the ingredients and the pictures of both the Pan Cake and the Microwave Mug Cake, as you can see they turned out to be quite different. I’ll see you below for the taste test, comparison and conclusion.