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Did Social Media Make Us Healthier?

Before I get to the bulk of the post, I just want to check on how everyone did in Nutritious November? Did you all try for at least SOME of the time to get your 10 fruits & vegetables a day in? I certainly did and am in no hurry to change things now. I realise that 10-a-day is completely do-able and in fact very easy and incidentally extremely tasty! I’ve been having one juice every day, which adds a few F&V to the total, and throughout this month I have definitely noticed my skin feeling smoother, tighter and less liable to break-outs. So I am declaring Nutritious November a success!!! Hurrah for fruits & vegetables and long may I continue getting my 300+ of them every month.

Social MediaNow, what I want to know is, did social media make us healthier? I mean, you’re reading this now, and if you’re subscribed to this blog or have stumbled upon it and are reading it then I’m guessing you have at least a passing interest in keeping healthy, if not a great obsession with it (like me, ha ha). And what is a blog? It’s a form of social media. I write, you read, you maybe comment, we interact, it’s sociable!

When I started getting more and more interested in becoming fitter and healthier 2-3 years ago I wasn’t making many appearances on Facebook, it honestly didn’t interest me that much, as I was only viewing my ‘news feed’ (which is the stuff your ‘friends’ post). But most of this ‘news’ was so uninteresting and inconsequential to me, like did I really need to know that so-and-so had gone to bed at 9pm last night, or that such-a-body had enjoyed their dinner?! No not really!!! But as I later found out, there is much more to Facebook than what your friends are up to.

Enter Facebook Groups and ‘Like’ Pages.

After I started working out to the Tracy Anderson Method DVDs, I searched online for information about my new favourite thing and encountered a couple of Facebook ‘Groups’, which I then joined, to talk about our shared interest. Through these pages I found out so much information, met a few nice girls (one of whom lives locally and I now count as a real life, in person, true friend) and I think enhanced my understanding of not only Tracy Anderson’s practices, but about other things fitness- and nutrition-related too. Through one or more contacts in these groups I managed to broaden my horizons and joined another couple of groups, this time of girls who were not only doing the Method but also trying other fitness programs.

As you probably know, the power of social media is immense, and before long this effect snowballed and I bumped into lots of very interesting and some knowledgeable people. Soon enough I was socialising in circles of people interested in lifting weights and clean eating. Today I choose a weights-based strength training program that really shapes my muscles, but I only came round to this way of training again via the various channels of social media. As you know, I am a big advocate of clean eating and this helps show off the new shape I have created for myself. In all honesty I would’ve NEVER written Easy Tasty Clean (my recipe book on clean eating) if I hadn’t ventured onto Facebook, joined those Groups and met so many people with a common interest. The rest, as they say, is history.

Through Facebook Groups and ‘Like’ Pages and other tools such as people’s blogs, Pinterest boards and health & fitness websites, I truly feel like I have access to such an immense knowledge of this area of interest that I could not have even dreamt of, had I not made my first tentative venture into that first Facebook Group. I’m now so interested in health, food, fitness and all things related that not only have I written my own recipe book, but I am also studying to become a fully qualified Nutritionist. I can only attribute these things to the power of social media and the internet in stimulating my interest to a deeper level. So, I conclude that I truly believe that:

Social Media has made us healthier!!!

It has me anyway.

What’s your view on how the internet influences our everyday lives today? Do you do things today that you didn’t do a few years ago, just because you have found friends with common interests through social media or the internet as a whole? Do you think the internet is a good thing or does it make us do things we wouldn’t normally do (and I don’t mean lose the ability to interact verbally!), and therefore are we not the people we would’ve been had we NOT had the social media play a part in our lives? Who can say.

Either way, I think the internet is here to stay, whether in its current form or the unknown guise of tomorrow, so we had better embrace it and use it to our advantage, however that may be.

Have a great weekend, and tomorrow I will be back as have a surprise for you all, which might just help out with the Christmas shopping.

Keep up the good work!