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Earlier this month I was introduced to the concept of getting cashback every time I shop online and since then I have to admit, I’m hooked! I am still shopping at the same online stores, getting the same great deals, using voucher/coupon codes at checkout and still earning in-store loyalty points, but now I’m saving EVEN MORE money. And the great news is that this cashback shopping portal is available in EVERY country, with all your top brand name stores available to take advantage of.

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This Blog Is Moving – Please Come With Me!

Hello all,

This year marks the 2 year anniversary (or Jani-versary as my husband likes to call it!) of Easy Tasty Clean. I almost can’t believe it’s been so long already, but as I’ve looked back through my previous posts I can see the journey I’ve travelled and indeed, some time has passed!

With this anniversary came the question of whether to continue with my separate ‘Easy Tasty Clean’ website, which was primarily used to sell the eBook of the same name. I asked myself if I had enough time to put into the blog and also wondered where I was heading with the eBooks idea – did I want to stop at just one book? After some discussion with friends, who all thought I should definitely continue with it, I have decided to merge this blog into the main website, making Easy Tasty Clean into primarily a recipe blogging website. Of course I will still have the original eBook for sale on there but the main look and feel of the website would be for sharing new recipes and healthy lifestyle information.

In recent weeks I have made a start on a few new eBook ideas and am not too far from being able to offer my next venture to you. I don’t want to say too much about this project yet but I will share soon.

Best Of The BlogThe only thing I ask for now is that you come with me to the new home of the Easy Tasty Clean blog, which is (the wordpress bit in the middle has gone). From there you will see a little ‘Subscribe’ block in green on the right hand side – please pop in your name and email so that you can continue to receive updates from me. As a bonus for signing up you also receive a free download of the top 10 recipes from this blog, called ‘Best of the Blog’. This is a handy little PDF that you can download onto your computer or tablet, with the readers’ favourite recipes all in one place. Can you guess what the number 1 most viewed recipe was? Get the eBook and find out 🙂

I want to thank you all for following this blog, for commenting and for sharing. It’s interaction with you that keeps me knowing that I’m on the right path.

See you over at the website… don’t be shy! I hoe you like the new look and layout. Send me your feedback please 🙂



Cashew Rose Ice Cream Nom Noms

Cashew Rose Ice Cream Nom Nom

I’m not going to hang around in this post, I’ll just get to the point… these little dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream mini bites are utterly delicious!

Using cashews and coconut milk for the creamy base and adding a touch of rose flavouring, with a dose of superfood in the name of goji berries thrown in… this is the ultimate feel good treat with nothing to feel guilty about (unless you eat the whole recipe to yourself!!). Ooh I can see your mouth watering already! So let’s get to the recipe… so simple you can make it right now. (more…)

Is Going Gluten Free The Answer?

Gluten. In or Out?In my continuing quest to discover what “ultimate health” is all about and maybe see if I could shed a few pounds in the process, I recently tried a gluten-free period of eating. This meant that I ate no gluten-containing food stuffs such as wheat, barley and rye for 3 weeks. I was led to try this after having listened to many of ‘The Thyroid Sessions‘ webinars, where experts came together to discuss thyroid health and the various ways in which people suffering from thyroid disorders can help themselves. One of these such discussions claimed that (don’t quote me on exact numbers, this was the general gist of it) around 90% of people with thyroid issues also have some form of gluten sensitivity. That fact hit me right in the neck (the neck – where the thyroid is located – get it?!). If you’re not aware of my situation, I have an under-active thyroid, I was diagnosed with it around 6 years ago. So what I wondered was – could this claim mean that I may possibly improve my thyroid health, thereby reducing the amount of drugs I take for it? Maybe it would help me lose those last few pounds that refuse to leave my body? It was worth a shot.

As my trial of eating a gluten-free diet began, I switched my regular morning oats for either quinoa with blueberries or for gluten-free muesli. No problem there, easy peasy, and the best bit was that I realised that the quinoa breakfast actually filled me up for way longer than my old breakfast of porridge (oats are not themselves gluten-containing but most oats you buy CAN be cross-contaminated by other crops or at the factory so you need to buy gluten-free oats if you wish to continue with porridge). Another change I made was not having any bread, as this is made from wheat flour. This was not so much of a problem for me as I don’t eat bread more than once a week anyway. For lunch I would have an enormous salad with greens, chopped veg, salmon and quinoa, or maybe a chicken breast with 3 different veggies on the side. Following that I would have a small portion of fruit, to satisfy my sweet tooth and save myself from ‘needing’ my usual afternoon cup of Options Hot Chocolate. In the evening I would make a nice steak with garlic sautéed veggies, or a turkey/minced beef chilli with brown rice, or a chicken & lentil curry. And if was hungry between meals I just grabbed an apple with a little cashew or almond butter. Any whole foods that didn’t contain gluten were a go for my trial.

As I began, I steadily lost 0.2-0.4 lbs most days, which was nice to see on the scales. (more…)

Vegetables – The Miracle Fat Loss Food

Roasted Butternut Squash

2, 3, 5, 10 a day? How many portions of vegetables do you eat on a daily basis? My guess is that it varies from day to day but averages around 3-6, a portion being approximately half a cup of cooked or 1 cup of raw veggies. If you’re reading this post, the chances are that you are healthier than most, or at least have a greater awareness of what healthy eating looks like (or you’re my husband, who is forced to read all my posts anyway!). I want to take a few moments to try to spell out the beauty of vegetables, not only how good they are for your health, but how even more valuable they are when on a weight or fat loss plan. Later on in this post I will show you how you can use vegetables to your advantage to help you in your quest to shed the fat!

Vegetables have some really great culinary and nutritional properties, such as:

  • having very varied flavours and textures
  • containing many vitamins & minerals
  • containing lots of fibre
  • having low amounts of sugar, helping keep blood sugar levels stable
  • being easily digestible
  • containing very few calories per portion compared to similar amounts of other foods

That last point above is the killer punch that vegetables pack, which makes them a very powerful tool in your arsenal when planning a menu for weight-/fat-loss. I’ll say it again – cup for cup, vegetables contain fewer calories per portion than other foods. What this really means is you can eat a shed load of vegetables for not a lot of calories. And who wouldn’t want to eat large amounts of food that has no adverse effect on their waistline?! One cup of vegetables contains just 30 to 80 calories, depending on the variety (to be clear, we are NOT including white potatoes in this discussion – yes they are a vegetable but they are another story – useful in your diet possibly yes, but not for the context that I’m talking about). Vegetables are also nutrient-dense – you get the most amount of nutrients packed in small amounts of food. So not only can you pile them onto your plate without adding hundreds of extra calories, you are also getting the maximum amount of nutrition at the same time. Vegetables are sounding even more attractive aren’t they?

So let’s assume you agree to put more vegetables on your plate in place of other less-nutritious items, what other positive effects does this have? (more…)

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

A great post about the benefits of coconut oil by Courtney Ellis!



Nice coconuts!

I think all real food is super food, but coconut oil really does live up to all the hype and can be genuinely classified as a superfood!

Its unique combination of fatty acids gives coconut oil its amazing health properties. These fatty acids are termed Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) and are actually very rare in our food chain.

Coconut oil, and all saturated fats have been demonised in the past, but now many health experts (myself included) consider saturated fats to be natural and harmless to humans, and especially the saturated fats from coconut oil.

Some of the known benefits of coconut oil are:

Antimicrobial- due to the lauric acid in coconut oil which acts to inhibit the energy production of various pathogens such as Helicobacter pylori and Candida Albicans.

Thermogenic and fat loss- coconut oil increases the metabolic rate by assisting in the conversion of thyroid…

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Think You Don’t Like Broccoli? Think Again! (Gorgeous Cheesy Broccoli Soup Recipe)

I hope I’ve got your attention from the title of this post… I would go as far as to say that even someone who thinks they HATE broccoli is going to love my latest  creation. Bold statement? Yes! True? I hope so! Leave me your comments when you’ve made it 🙂

Cheesy Broccoli Soup

First of all I have to apologise for not writing a post for some time. I could make excuses such as I’ve been busy working, looking after family, working out, working on other projects etc… and all of those would be true, but I guess once I’d not blogged here for a while it was just harder to get back to it. This is not to say I’ve not had a million things in my head I’ve wanted to talk about, because I have, but just that I haven’t got round to it. Sorry!

So, here I am now with a recipe that I’m most confident you will LOVE! This is neither a complicated recipe nor one you may not have seen in similar form before, but with my magic ingredient I’m sure you will have another new take on broccoli soup very soon. It’s low in fat, high in protein and great for those cold winter days when you long for something comforting and satisfying.