Hi, I’m Janice Cumberlidge, I’m 43 and I live in the U.K. You probably found this page through my Facebook page, via a friend who is all about a healthy lifestyle, or just by chance while searching for clean food ideas. How ever you got here, WELCOME!

I started this blog at the beginning of my venture into getting my first recipe book published, something that I had no prior experience! I always dreamed of having a book published, so this really got me excited! I aimed to make the eBook colourful, easy to follow, with the recipes being easy to cook and having plenty of taste to them. Most of all I wanted them all to be ‘clean’ recipes that someone with an active and healthy lifestyle might want to follow.

I see so many people asking questions when they are fairly new to clean eating – what is it, what can I or can’t I use, how do I cook this, how do I prepare that? In the eBook I put that all down in one place, in the form of simple but healthy recipes and extra little snippets of information about the ingredients, and put it together with beautiful pictures, taken by myself, into a gorgeous book that people will hopefully want to re-read, to look at the pictures and think “that looks good” and read the directions and think “I can make that”!

While I created by very first eBook, I also took a 1 year Diploma in Nutrition – so I can now call myself a fully qualified Nutritionist, which is pretty cool, but the main aim of taking the qualification was so that I felt I had the authority to say, “Yes, that recipe is clean, it will benefit your body in this way…”, and so on. I have my certificate (with distinction!) displayed above my desk where I sit and write 🙂

Janice Cumberlidge, Nutritionist.



    1. Thanks! I’ve started my course now, I will be sending in my first piece of course work later today, it’s a level 4 NCFE qualification (the highest), this is a link to the course details… http://www.inst.org/nutrition-courses/index.htm
      It’s funny going back to school now, it’s nearly 20 years since I finished my university days… I’ve just applied for my NUS card, I guess you could call me a mature student (although my hubby disagrees with the mature part of it!).
      Hope you enjoy following along with my journey! X

  1. Trust hubby to disagree on the mature part 😉 I’m definitely excited about your journey and keep an eye out for each new entry! I see you already have a lot of support and that helps with motivation and keeping you on track x

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