Save When You Spend! Free Cashback on Your Online Shopping, Worldwide!

Get Paid to Shop Online!

The title of this post is not just a line to reel you in. I sincerely want to share with you a simple way to get some of YOUR OWN money back while you shop, and you don’t even have to change your shopping habits to do so. It’s totally legit so please read on.

Earlier this month I was introduced to the concept of getting cashback every time I shop online and since then I have to admit, I’m hooked! I am still shopping at the same online stores, getting the same great deals, using voucher/coupon codes at checkout and still earning in-store loyalty points, but now I’m saving EVEN MORE money. And the great news is that this cashback shopping portal is available in EVERY country, with all your top brand name stores available to take advantage of.

It works like this:

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Upgrade if you want to (for maximum cashback)
  3. Shop online as normal
  4. Get paid cashback

It’s that easy!

Some of you might be thinking, oh, I already tried this on another cashback site, but I kept forgetting to go through the special site before I shopped so I kept missing out and eventually gave up. THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT – you don’t have to remember to go through the shopping portal to get to the stores, you can just go straight to the store website, or use Google search to find the product you’re looking for, and you STILL GET CASHBACK. Watch the video and see!

The average amount of cashback if you sign up for the free membership is between 1 and 7 percent, meaning that if you spend £1000 online throughout the course of the year, you can receive up to around £70 of that back, for free! Yes – do nothing and earn £70! Who wouldn’t want that?

If you choose to upgrade to VIP membership (I did), you then get an extra 6% cashback on top of the free amount – so that means your average percentage cashback goes up to between 8 and 15%. So that £1000 spend would now be earning you up to £150! Consider carefully how much you spend online in a year on travel and shopping – for me it’s way more than this nominal £1000 each year – take into account everything from flights, hotels, holidays, airport parking to all your online shopping for clothes, gifts, electrical goods, groceries and health & beauty products, then think how much 8-15% of all that could mean to you EVERY YEAR. Yes the upgrade costs a little but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what you’ll save and it’s totally worth getting if you spend a reasonable amount online. With the upgrade also comes the ability to earn €20/$20 every time you recommend a friend who starts a VIP membership too. It’s the membership that keeps giving!

Online shopping is the fastest growing global market and we, as consumers, would be mad not to take advantage of the competitive nature of stores! We can now not only grab their best deals and offers, but now get even wiser and put some of our own money back into our own pockets, where we can use it as WE see fit!

Click here to get yourself started and start getting paid to shop online too!

I know this is predominantly a nutrition blog so I wanted to just name a few of the health & beauty stores that are available to get cashback from in the UK shopping portal. We have Boots, FeelUnique, Holland & Barrett, LA Muscle, MyProtein, Pukka, The Nutri Centre… and many more. In your country this list may be different. Other stores that I am really pleased to now be able to earn myself something back on include Debenhams, New Look, M&S, Apple, Homebase, Argos, Waterstones, Audible, ZooPlus (pets), ProBikeKit (for the hubby’s cycling addiction!) and a whole load more 🙂

I hope this helps as many people as possible save money, be able to treat your families to a little extra with the cash you save, or enable you to save quicker for that holiday or special gift you’ve been waiting to get.

Some of you may be wondering whether there is a home business opportunity side of things to this – in short, YES – I don’t want to go into details of how amazing this opportunity is on here but if you’re interested GO HERE and learn you how you (literally ANYONE can do this!) can take this one step farther 🙂


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