Month: November 2014

Save When You Spend! Free Cashback on Your Online Shopping, Worldwide!

Get Paid to Shop Online!

The title of this post is not just a line to reel you in. I sincerely want to share with you a simple way to get some of YOUR OWN money back while you shop, and you don’t even have to change your shopping habits to do so. It’s totally legit so please read on.

Earlier this month I was introduced to the concept of getting cashback every time I shop online and since then I have to admit, I’m hooked! I am still shopping at the same online stores, getting the same great deals, using voucher/coupon codes at checkout and still earning in-store loyalty points, but now I’m saving EVEN MORE money. And the great news is that this cashback shopping portal is available in EVERY country, with all your top brand name stores available to take advantage of.

It works like this: