Month: August 2014

This Blog Is Moving – Please Come With Me!

Hello all,

This year marks the 2 year anniversary (or Jani-versary as my husband likes to call it!) of Easy Tasty Clean. I almost can’t believe it’s been so long already, but as I’ve looked back through my previous posts I can see the journey I’ve travelled and indeed, some time has passed!

With this anniversary came the question of whether to continue with my separate ‘Easy Tasty Clean’ website, which was primarily used to sell the eBook of the same name. I asked myself if I had enough time to put into the blog and also wondered where I was heading with the eBooks idea – did I want to stop at just one book? After some discussion with friends, who all thought I should definitely continue with it, I have decided to merge this blog into the main website, making Easy Tasty Clean into primarily a recipe blogging website. Of course I will still have the original eBook for sale on there but the main look and feel of the website would be for sharing new recipes and healthy lifestyle information.

In recent weeks I have made a start on a few new eBook ideas and am not too far from being able to offer my next venture to you. I don’t want to say too much about this project yet but I will share soon.

Best Of The BlogThe only thing I ask for now is that you come with me to the new home of the Easy Tasty Clean blog, which is (the wordpress bit in the middle has gone). From there you will see a little ‘Subscribe’ block in green on the right hand side – please pop in your name and email so that you can continue to receive updates from me. As a bonus for signing up you also receive a free download of the top 10 recipes from this blog, called ‘Best of the Blog’. This is a handy little PDF that you can download onto your computer or tablet, with the readers’ favourite recipes all in one place. Can you guess what the number 1 most viewed recipe was? Get the eBook and find out 🙂

I want to thank you all for following this blog, for commenting and for sharing. It’s interaction with you that keeps me knowing that I’m on the right path.

See you over at the website… don’t be shy! I hoe you like the new look and layout. Send me your feedback please 🙂