Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes – Make At Home And Get Twice As Many For Half The Cost!


Recently I have fallen in love with dark chocolate rice cakes . The brand in particular I have fallen for are these ones (in fact these are the only brand of chocolate rice cakes I have seen!):

Kallo Dark Choc Rice Cakes

I have been having 2 of these for my afternoon snack together with an apple and it’s just the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. What could be better than a fresh, crunchy apple accompanied by the delights of comforting, crispy rice cakes smothered in dark chocolate? I know! Nothing!!

BUT, I have to say that these little beauties are very expensive. Even when you buy them on BOGOHP (buy one get one half price), you still feel it in your purse. They are around £1.80 a packet and for that you only get 8 thin dark chocolate rice cakes. They don’t last long, as you can imagine.

Kallo Dark Choc Rice Cakes

So what is a girl to do when she longs after these rather expensive little items? Make her own of course (and make them cheaper)!

To be honest, I can’t really call this a recipe, there are only 2 ingredients. Can you guess what they are? Yes, rice cakes and chocolate! But whether you call this a recipe or simply an assembly of items, the fact is that my home-made version makes twice as many rice cakes (that are each twice as big as the originals) for pretty much the same price per rice cake, meaning that by weight they work out at half the cost! Yep, it’s that cheap! So here’s my quick run-down of how to make dark chocolate rice cakes for yourself.

First get your rice cakes:

Kallo Rice Cakes

The ones I chose were by the same brand, but they are roughly twice the size each of the ones I was trying to replicate, meaning you only need to eat 1 rice cake for every 2 of the old ones. There were 18 in the above pack I think, meaning in effect you get the equivalent of 36 of the original ones. That’s over 4 packs of the expensive ones 🙂

 Kallo Rice Cakes

Now you will need chocolate. If you are using up the full 18 rice cakes in the pack, you will need TWO 100g bars of dark chocolate of your choice. For a bit of variety I picked two slightly different bars of chocolate and mixed them but you can choose any two you like.


You next need to break the chocolate bars into small pieces, place in a bowl and heat them until melted – do this by placing the bowl over a pan of simmering water for a few minutes.

Dark Choc

Dark Choc

Once the chocolate is melted, it’s time to dip your rice cakes into it, one by one.

Dark Choc

Dark Choc Rice Cake

When you are getting to the end and there is not much chocolate left, you may need to spoon up the remaining chocolate and smear it over the rice cakes. See how clean I got my bowl though 🙂 No waste here!


Place each coated rice cake onto a tray and set aside until the chocolate sets hard again.



Now, collect the beautifully crafted chocolate rice cakes up into a stack and admire your work, before wondering how on earth you never thought of doing this yourself before!

These are the final stats on the costs and quantities. Impressive I think you will agree.

Dark Choc Rice Cakes Costs

So, with one bag of rice cakes and 200g of dark chocolate, you have 18 dark chocolate rice cakes for 26 pence each, or thinking in terms of the originals, that’s the equivalent of 36 thin ones for just 13 pence each. You can make these even cheaper if you don’t go for the more expensive brands of chocolate and rice cakes that I chose.

My costs were calculated as follows:

  • Shop bought dark chocolate rice cakes £1.80 per pack. That’s 24 pence each.
  • Home-made dark chocolate rice cakes made with 1 pack rice cakes (£1.69) plus 2 x 100g bars of chocolate (2 bars for £3.00). That’s 18 rice cakes that are each twice the size of the originals, for just 26 pence each.

I hope you can see that there are potential savings to be made if you just use your imagination and realise that these attractively packaged items can easily be recreated in your own kitchen, given a few minutes to melt and dip some chocolate.

Happy weekend everyone!





  1. you’ve just posted a photo of my very favorite chocolate… Lyndt a touch of sea salt, is so good I ask my husband to hide it from me!!!
    This is a great idea, I can’t wait to try this!!!

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