GOAT’S MILK… why not try it?

GoatMy ‘try something new’ this week has been Goat’s Milk. I’m already a fan of goat’s cheese so I thought I’d give the milk a go too. My usual selection is an unsweetened coconut or almond milk, so I wondered how it would measure up. 

Some of the benefits of drinking goat’s milk over cow’s milk include:
– it’s easier to digest
– it’s often tolerated by people with a lactose intolerance
– it’s biochemically more similar to our human chemistry than cow’s milk
– it contains more essential fatty acids than cow’s milk
– it contains significantly greater amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B3 than cow’s milk
– it contains higher amounts of potassium than cow’s milk, meaning that when digested, it creates more alkaline conditions in the body, which is opposite to the effect cow’s milk has on us. Alkaline is the state we want to be in!

So as you can see, goat’s milk is worth a go for all the above benefits. But what does it taste like? Well, unlike cow’s milk, which doesn’t taste at all like the cheese that is made from it, the taste of the goat milk is actually very similar to the taste of goat cheese, albeit in a milder form. So if you’re not a fan of goat cheese you might not enjoy the milk either. I bought the full fat goat milk, which was very similar in creaminess to whole cow’s milk, so it was lovely to use on my flax & nut granola for breakfast. I have also been adding it into my daily cup of coffee and although you can still vaguely taste the mild goat milk taste, it was nice enough to continue with and I have got used to it more and more as the week has gone on.

Of course, in our supermarkets goats milk is more expensive than cow’s milk, but it’s around the same price as a carton of almond or coconut milk, so if you’re currently using those you won’t notice any difference in your purse.

So if you like the sounds of it, why not give goat milk a go, you might be pleasantly surprised!




  1. you brave soul you. I’m glad you gave it a go and it’s turned out that you like it.
    I tried the goat’s cheese, chedder, and the flavor was too strong for me so suspect the same would be said of the milk. thanks for the great review tho!

    1. Not sure how strong the goat’s cheddar was that you had but I’ve not managed to find that in our usual supermarket yet. However I do love Manchego, which is a hard sheep’s cheese, so maybe it’s similar to that? I do like the goat’s milk and will definitely get it again, maybe not every week but sometimes.

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