Launch Day Is Finally Here!

Easy Tasty Clean has finally been launched!!! I almost can’t believe it!  Almost 3 months ago I cooked my first dish for the book, which I had no idea would turn out as big as it has. 162 pages, 60 recipes, thousands of words and not 1 but 2 e-Books (for the price of one)!!! I think I should be proud of myself. Ok, I am. is live!!

Strangely, when I flicked the switch to make the ‘Buy Now’ buttons live this morning, I felt like I wanted to do it quietly, so no one noticed, just let it slip out into the ether of the worldwide web when no one was watching. Maybe it’s the knowledge that actual real living people with opinions and sometimes harsh words may get their copy and I’d be open to public opinion. I know I shouldn’t worry because I’ve had my little team of testers making the recipes, my close friends reviewing the words in the introductory chapters for me, and I know I’ve cooked and photographed every single one of the recipes myself, so I should have confidence that all is well.

Since you last saw the book, the cover has been enhanced slightly to include Nancy Reinhardt, who has kindly written a great foreword for the book and also shares her clean eating tips in the book too. Nancy is featuring the book on her own website too as she believes passionately that there is a need for a book like this, for people who want to create truly clean meals and who are working towards a goal of a fitter and leaner body. This is the new cover anyway, what do you think?

Lately I’ve also been investigating the possibility of getting the book printed as a full-colour book, just an idea at the moment but who knows, I could be sending out signed copies of those soon! Hee hee.

So, what’s next for the Easy Tasty Clean inventor? I don’t want to say too much but what I will say is that I couldn’t resist buying a couple of nice-looking dishes the other day, and they don’t feature in this book. That’s all.

Personally, I have received my September workout Challenge pack from Nancy Reinhardt this morning, so I will be giving it some welly in the gym later. And maybe now I have all this spare time on my hands, maybe I’ll have time for a little fun!!!

This is not the end of the blog now the book is out there on sale, I will be keeping you updated on how it’s going, so please stay with me if you can!




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