Home Straight

Another week has gone by and I’m feeling really good about how things are going with my book, Easy Tasty Clean. Firstly I want to thank you all for your lovely comments after my post last weekend. It sounds like you are in agreement that my book cover is looking good, and that you like the ideas I explained last time. I have to give a special thanks to reader Janet, who made the stuffed mushrooms recipe and took time to post me a message to say that she loved them.  I also  have to thank Nicole, who asked whether all the measurements would be in grams only. I realise this book will have an international audience so I have now gone through the book and added both grammes AND ounces measurements where appropriate, so you won’t need to use any conversion charts. Some measurements are also given in cups, but a cup is a cup, no translation needed there!

This weekend I’ve gone through the whole book again, made sure all the recipes have their little pie chart of macronutrients, and have started on my introduction and ingredients sections. I’ve also found time to add another 3 or 4 recipes to the book, so I definitely feel like I’m on the home straight with it now. It currently stands at 109 pages. Who knew I had that many in me?! And I’ve not finished yet!

My thoughts are now turning to the website that will be used for the book sales. I’m sure you can guess it will be called http://www.easytastyclean.com – what else?! Whilst spending 4 hours in A&E yesterday with my mum (she’s absolutely fine now), I jotted a few notes down on some paper tissues (why do I never have a notepad with me when I need it?) about what I wanted to say on the website. I want to point out all the fabulous features of the book, explain why this is the one you want to buy rather than any other, and of course I want to make it look fantastic with lots of sample pictures from the book! Those of you who are visiting this blog by following a link posted by Nancy Reinhardt will be pleased to know that the book will be available on Nancy’s site too, she’s writing the foreword for the book in the next week or two (hopefully, Nancy?!!! Lol).

So, I think I’m into the last push, the finishing line is just about in sight in the distance and in true Olympic style I’m not stopping until I get there!

Have a great week everyone,




  1. I can’t wait for the book either!!!. Since Shan posted your recipe I’m bitting my nails waiting for it!!! There’s so much need for good healthy cookbooks!! I’ll be your nº 1 fan in Spain!!! all the best

    1. Aaaw, thanks Natalia! You can be my first ever fan as well as my no. 1 in Spain too, hee hee. Glad to be reaching Spain, my cousins live there too! Won’t be too long now… Working hard to get it out soon!

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