So What’s It All About?

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, I certainly have. I’ve made great progress into getting some more of my recipes cooked, photographed and laid out in my book, so I am pleased with that. I also had time for a little shopping, always a good thing, and I also checked out the film “Julie & Julia”, recommended to me by a friend. If you haven’t seen the film and are at all interesting in either cooking or blogging, you should DEFINITELY give it a go.

Before I get into the main content of the post today I want to welcome all of you new followers and thank you for signing up for updates, I really appreciate your interest! I know most of you came through a link that Nancy Reinhardt posted on her Facebook page so I thank her for that too.

A few people have no doubt read the blog and thought, “but what’s it all about?” (the recipe book, not the blog – I hope that much is obvious!). So I thought I’d try to explain where I’m coming from in creating this brand new cook book.

When I came new to the world of so-called ‘eating clean’ I fairly quickly understood the principles of it – eat fresh foods that you can either grow or kill, cut out processed foods, added sugar and added salt, and drink plenty of water. Ok, there might be some other parts to the definition that I’ve left out but I’m sure you all get the idea. So with this new list of ‘allowable’ foods in my hand, I had a go at making them into meals. To start with this was fine, I had plain chicken with broccoli, tuna with a sweet potato, oats with eggs, and so on, but this soon became boring for me as I LOVE FOOD and I wasn’t getting my usual fix of the variety of flavours that I knew were out there. So, like many, I scoured various sources for new recipes so I could make my diet more interesting again, whilst still maintaining the principles of eating clean. Some recipes I tried were very dry, others a bit bland, and others were just eggs, eggs, eggs… ENOUGH EGGS!!!

Most people new to eating clean will own one or more of Tosca Reno’s cookbooks, I do. In fact I have 4 of them including the Workout manual. Tosca is great, she provides a ton of recipes, all made of fresh, clean ingredients…. BUT… I was personally put off a lot of her recipes as they contain ingredients that I either had never heard of, or that I wouldn’t know where to get them from, or (most importantly for me) I didn’t know how the finished recipe would taste. Not all Tosca’s recipes have a picture either, which to me is a no-no because I always flick past those pages. I am a busy person and I don’t want to spend time understanding a recipe, I want to SEE what it will look like before I even consider looking at the ingredients.

So, a year later, much learning under my belt, lots of experimenting with flavours, tailoring recipes to put my own spin on things, inventing some dishes of my own that I don’t even know if they exist anywhere else (don’t worry, they all taste great!!!), I am creating my own recipe book, with what I believe is a fantastic selection of EASY to create dishes, that are TASTY and also fit the CLEAN bill. And “Easy Tasty Clean” was born.

Here is why I think my book is unique:

  • In my book, I use simple language to describe the process of creating the dishes.
  • In my book, EVERY recipe has at LEAST one picture. 90% have FULL PAGE pictures PLUS incidentals to show different stages of cooking or an alternative view of the food.
  • In my book, I ensure that ALL recipes have a good amount of protein content, a low level of saturated fat and balanced carbohydrates, to fulfil the needs of the person who exercises regularly who wants to maintain muscle mass and energy levels.
  • In my book, I include EXTRAS, such as my ‘How To’ section and my ‘Ingredients’ section, which explain cooking and preparation techniques, as well as describing some of the important ingredients used in the book, with the aim of taking the mystery out of these ingredients and enabling the reader to UNDERSTAND WHY and HOW to use them.
  • In the making of my book, I am personally COOKING and  PHOTOGRAPHING every single recipe, and also DESIGNING ALL the pages in the book. I’m not looking for brownie points, I’m just saying, it’s ALL MINE and I believe in it 100%!!!
  • My qualification in Nutrition that I am current studying for means that I feel able to give nutritional advice and can guarantee that all the recipes are HEALTHY.


So hopefully this will give you an understanding of the shape and direction the book is taking, and hopefully you’ll agree there is a place in the market for this type of book.

Next time I will share a sample recipe and show you how I am laying out the pages of the book, by putting a picture of a double page spread up for you to see – I’m sure you will let me know what you think!

Looking forward to your feedback on what I’ve shared today, thanks for reading!




    1. Hi Karen,
      Yes there are lots of vegetarian recipes in the book, any many of those that aren’t can easily be made into vegetarian by substituting an appropriate ingredient. I will be sharing a few things from the book in future posts so I will comment on this further.
      I hope you will continue to follow my journey right through to publishing date!

  1. Read about this on Mastering the Method. It sounds wonderful. Can’t wait until your book comes out. I will look forward to more sample recipes too. Thanks for you passion and love to create a cookbook that does all those wonderful things. Tricia

    1. Thanks Tricia! Lovely to have such great feedback at this stage, looking forward to sharing more with you all this weekend, including a sample page from the book, so I hope you’ll continue to give me feedback, as I’m making this book with people like you in mind!

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