A Productive Week

So what do you do when you have a week at home and lots of ideas in your head? Answer: you get those ideas OUT of your head and ONTO the page!

This week I’ve been off work and have made great strides into getting some of the recipes that have been floating around in my head down onto a plate and onto virtual paper. The book I am authoring, “Easy Tasty Clean”, is really starting to take shape, with now around 55 pages and well over 20 recipes in it. Each recipe I make I also photograph in my little ‘studio’ upstairs, so there will never be any recipes in the book that don’t have an accompanying picture. I find that off-putting when I read other cookbooks, if they don’t have pictures I NEVER make them. Eating starts with the eyes for me and I’m guessing I’m not alone in that.

Easy Tasty Clean Recipe

And as I’m a photographer too, I am making sure my pictures not only accurately reflect what the food looks like on a plate, but am also making them look GOOD. Good enough to eat you might say. I hope so anyway! Here is a sneak preview of one of the dishes I made yesterday. Not telling you what’s in it, I’ll save that for the book!

This week I have had a couple of bits of exciting news I want to share with you…

As some of you may know, I design and look after the website for Nancy Reinhardt, an amazingly driven, caring and gorgeous woman I met on Facebook around 9 months ago. She inspired me to get back into lifting weights and has helped me gain some better definition and shape than I’ve ever had before. Well, she has been so impressed with the samples of pages from my book that I’ve been sending her that she wants to feature the book on her website, and even wants to write the Foreword for it!!! How exciting is that?! She believes that this type of book is definitely what’s missing out there – it’s real EASY recipes for real busy and fit people, who want TASTY, CLEAN food. Although there are many clean eating resources out there, such as Tosca Reno’s series of books, many of them use ingredients that people haven’t heard of or wouldn’t know how to go about finding, and are way too complicated for everyday REAL life. My book is written by someone who’s gone through the learning stages of taking clean ingredients and formulating them into actual edible food. Yes I have taken tips for recipes from various sources but I have then tailored them to be my own and have discovered that easy is what people like myself need. Be sure to visit Nancy’s website as she has some great tips on eating clean in her tips page, and if you want to delve into making this a lifestyle she has some great coaching plans available too. Check her out!

Next on my exciting news list is that after publishing my last post, I received a message from a local lady who writes a blog called “Lancashire Food“. She wants to do a review of my e-book and feature it on her blog! So I will send her the book when it’s complete and she will review it, maybe feature one of my recipes and accompanying pictures on the blog. I’m nervous already, the thought of someone scrutinizing my work so closely sure gives me the willies, but it could be a great thing if it turns out well!

In the next few days my lovely friend Shannon in Canada is going to be making one of my recipes to try for herself. She admits to not really ‘doing’ dairy but she is going to try one of my dishes that involves cottage cheese, as she feels she wants to increase her protein intake. So I am also awaiting the review of that, watch this space. Shan is a fantastic screenwriter and also writes a blog of her own, “Mastering The Method“, about the ups & downs of trying to maintaing a great body after 40. You should check her out if you want a great read and a laugh or two in with the bargain. She’s the best.

So, moving forward, I aim to continue creating and cooking great recipes that fit the brief (easy, tasty & clean) and getting them down and ready to go. Next week I will be moving platform from PC to Mac so that process will be interesting, trying to get all my files, pictures, everything over to start work on my new toy workspace. I think there will be a few weeks of running two machines somehow…

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Impressed with your progress so far and the food photos I’ve seen look really professional. I can’t wait to try out the recipes myself. Getting interest from Lancashire Life when you’ve not even published your book yet is superb too and the endorsement from Nancy can only add to what I believe is going to be a really successful project. Go girl!!!!

    1. Well spotted Marie! Currently there aren’t any recipes shown on here but they will come. This is a blog about the process of getting my book Easy Tasty Clean published and the progress along the way. I will be sharing what you can expect from the book, including recipe ideas, very soon. Thanks for visiting!

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